The Mission of Great Sun Association is to "Manifest the Original Consciousness" (True Self ; Inner Self)

Everyone has their own "Original Consciousness" known as "the Great Sun". Regarding the Great Sun as the master, it’s the way to reveal our Original Consciousness. Once the Original Consciousness revealed, it is like the Great Sun that radiates in all directions and illuminates a bright journey of life.

states: those who achieving anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (The Ultimate Equality Enlightenment Mind) are able to produce the enlightened visions and to see Tathagata ( Dharma Reality). In order to make practical the theories of the Sutras, Great Sun Association takes “producing the enlightened visions and seeing Tathagata” as its motive. This is the ideal aim of those who practice the Tao (Dharma).

In this age where people are lost, the Consciousness of Inner Self has been missed with time, so that the mental spirit is sinking, depressed and lost. After losing the anchor of life, it is difficult to restore the original state of mind. Hence, people need to “open their mental heart, and return to the Original Consciousness < Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra >

For those who have been practicing tough for a long period, and the scholars who are lost in the theories of sutras, they have never been able to “produce enlightened visions and see Dharma Body”. "Great Sun Association" by means of awaking the Original Consciousness, enables one to reveal their Original True Self----to produce the infinite enlightened visions and see Dharma Body.

"Great Sun Association" rises above the traditional method of tough Practice, and detaches away from the binding ropes of the rituals and regulations. By directly aiming for mental heart, developing the Dharma Reality, achieving of what is meant by producing the infinite enlightened visions and See Tathagata–--Dharma Body!

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